Racial Justice Training Program

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

About the Program

The Racial Justice Training Program (RJTP) is a cohort-based, semester-long racial and social justice education program geared towards academic advisors. 

Over the course of a semester, participants further develop their awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to better serve students who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), thus also enhancing support for students from other historically minoritized groups.


In order to be sustainable and ongoing, this program utilizes a train-the-trainer model

The Fall 2021 term launched the first RJTP cohort consisting of a group of experienced practitioners. This cohort was then trained Spring 2022 on how to facilitate the program.  Starting in Fall 2022, our trained UMTC facilitators lead RJTP.


RJTP Program Developers

As BA Consulting, Rachael Forester and Kim Turner have almost 25 years of combined experience doing equity and justice work. 

Forester and Turner created the RJTP program curriculum and also trained UMTC staff to facilitate cohorts starting Fall 2022.


“I think where we fail in trying to move climate forward is in looking to each other to try to answer the questions we ask about climate, rather than asking ourselves and really doing the internal work, as individuals that’s needed to change the climate on our campus. ”

Anonymous, Advisor Survey Response 2018


Apply to Participate

 The application window for the fall '24 cohort will open June 2024.

Interested in the program and looking for ways to prepare?  Check out the advisor Toolkit to help generate ideas for promoting your own growth and development.


“This is essential. Understanding equity and inclusion is central to what we do in advising. We cannot be effective in our work with students and with each other unless we understand our personal biases well enough to identify unintentional microaggressions that we might be perpetuating. We must continually learn and grow to be better neighbors, friends, leaders, and colleagues.”

Anonymous, Advisor Survey Response 2018